• The national Australian Solar Price Index for March.
    The national Australian Solar Price Index for March.

The average cost per watt for solar power systems dropped in most Australian states in March, according to the latest SolarQuotes Solar Price Index.

Average installed cost per watt (all system sizes) dropped by four cents in Queensland, nine cents in the ACT, a whopping 17 cents in Victoria and two cents in South Australia. 

By contrast, in New South Wales prices jumped 12 cents. Western Australia saw an increase of six cents, due to higher average pricing for a handful of systems in the 6kW (not 6.6kW) category.

SolarQuotes provides historical pricing in each state and nationally using its Australian Solar Price Index.

The averages for March 2022 are calculated based on details from 257 Australian system purchasers who shared what they paid when submitting solar installer reviews on solarquotes.com.au.

These included reviews of businesses not within the SQ installer network. Figures and graphs are generated in real-time as new reviews come in, so the results for March (and other months) are subject to change.

SolarQuotes founder, Finn Peacock, said Western Australia usually has the lowest system pricing driven by fierce competition in the Perth metropolitan area.

He said Victoria appeared to have the cheapest solar in Australia in March 2022 on a cost-per-watt basis

“This is the lowest cost we’ve seen in Victoria since July last year,” he said.

“While the situation can change month-to-month, now could be a particularly good time to take advantage of Victoria’s solar panel rebate.

“Over the last 13 years we have steadily built a network of 509 solar installers across Australia we trust to provide quotes.”

In the Victorian Budget 2022/23, the government announceda boost to Solar Homes.

The state government will make available $42.2 million for 64,000 Victorians to take up solar panel rebates and zero-interest loans, while continuing the current rebate value of $1,400.

There is also further funding for 1,700 new solar battery rebates of $2,950.

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