Business-only electricity retailer Blue NRG has partnered with Australian smart energy innovator carbonTRACK to provide its customers with tools to remotely monitor and control their energy consumption.

As of February 2021, Australian-owned and operated energy retailer Blue NRG is offering its business customers access to carbonTRACK’s Energy Management System to help them reduce their electricity bills.

The carbonTRACK Energy Management System equips businesses to monitor and control their energy use by identifying their unique usage patterns and enabling them to optimise that use.

Blue NRG general manager Duncan Jacklin said the system would provide customers with transparency and control over their energy use.

He said the intelligent energy management platform will let customers remotely monitor, control and automate their energy consumption and consequently reduce their costs.

carbonTRACK co-founder and managing director Spiros Livadaras said Blue NRG customers provided the ideal application for the company’s system.

“Energy is a major overhead for businesses, so having visibility into their energy use and control over how to optimise that use is a great value-add for a business energy retailer like Blue NRG,” he said.

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