Trafalgar has obtained ‘Australian Made’ certification for its range of dangerous goods cabinets, Store-safe safe custody boxes and fire containment Fyreboxes.

The certified Australian Made products include the Patented Fyrebox Slab-Mounted, a revolutionary fire stopping device which eliminates many compliance issues commonly seen in multi-residential constructions. The Fyrebox Cast-In and Fyrebox Maxi from the Firebox family have also received Australian Made certification.

Trafalgar's full range of dangerous goods cabinets have also been certified. The cabinets, featuring a patented door controlling mechanism which allows the right door to stay open whilst the left door is open, eliminate the dangerous practice of propping doors open, making Australian workplaces safer and more productive.

Store-Safe's iconic yellow site box which has been a staple at Australian construction sites for over 30 years has also been certfied, along with the vehicle box and ute box from the safe custody storage boxes range. These tradesman boxes protect expensive tools and equipment from theft whether on site, on the road or in the garage.

‘Made in Australia’ has been an important part of Trafalgar’s heritage since the Trafalgar brand was established in 1945, founded in the ethos that there is no better way to control quality, reduce lead times and improve service than to make it in your own backyard.

With the recognisable 'Australian Made' logo now displayed on these products, customers will be assured that they are buying genuinely Australian made products.

The ‘Australian Made’ certification demonstrates Trafalgar’s continued commitment to local manufacturing, local jobs, quality assurance and reinvestment into the Australian economy.

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