• With no pumps or drip connections this solution suits all types of data centres.
    With no pumps or drip connections this solution suits all types of data centres.

Industrial cooling company Frigel Firenze and Neurok Thermocon, a leading provider of passive liquid cooling products for data centres, will demonstrate a 350kW Modular Data Centre (MDC) with liquid heat transfer and heat reuse at Data Centre World next month.

Data Centre World will be held in London on 8-9 March, 2023.

The 350kW MDC combines Loop Heat Pipes based Passive Liquid Cooling from Neurok Thermocon and the most effective Adiabatic Cooler from Frigel.

It has industry standard size with up to 1008 OCP servers inside placed within 12 racks. With no pumps or drip connections inside this product is able to serve all types of data centres (colocation, cloud and HPC) the most efficient way with no risk of leakage and no complicated maintenance.

Firenze global sales manager for the heat rejection system division, Riccardo Petris, said the Frigel adiabatic cooler represents the leading technology in the area of heat transfer from data centres.

“When passive liquid cooling moves heat from inside the servers to outside the rack we work as a perfect team to eliminate heating issues and maintain the strictest possible ecological standards,” he said.

Passive Liquid Cooling appeared recently on the crossroad of multiple trends in the data centre industry. The growing power of chips and servers requires a transition from air cooling to liquid cooling, but ecological limits and data centres practice need a simple solution with minimal energy and water spending.

Loop Heat Pipes technology created an ability to have data centre cooling with liquid cooling and heat reuse and the most advanced adiabatic cooler enabled to make 350kW Modular Data Centre real.

"We believe that Loop Heat Pipes based passive liquid cooling is the way to change the data Centre paradigm from wasting energy and water to being a green source of heat,” the CEO of Neurok Thermocon, Vadim Asadov, said.

“We also hope that Loop Heat Pipes will be able to serve the most power chips, both current and future for the next decade."