Auscool Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services has just completed the installation of a new air conditioning system in a 21-storey student block in Melbourne.

The mix of studio, multi-bedroom and duplex apartments were developed by global construction company GSA and will house more than 300 students. The block also includes a gym, laundry and cinema.

Auscool director, Andrew Hume, said cost of labour and speed of installation are both important factors to consider when undertaking this kind of job.

“With the cost of labour these days, it is important for us to find the most cost-effective way of working by looking out for innovative products that reduce the amount of time we spend on a site,” Hume said.

“That's why we turned to Conex Bänninger’s press fittings as the pipework jointing solution. Using press as an alternative to brazing or solder makes our workload lighter and allows us to work quickly, efficiently and save money at the same time.”

Tasked with installing more than 40 Mitsubishi air conditioning units across the large student complex, Hume said that by specifying Conex Bänninger’s >B< MaxiPro there was no need to wheel any large gas bottles around the site for welding and nitrogen purging.

“It eliminated the risk of fire on site and as we didn’t have to wait for hot works permits, we were able to start work at the site straight away,” he said.

Auscool specified up to 1,000 >B< MaxiPro fittings to connect the extensive pipework throughout the development.

As a mechanical joint, >B< MaxiPro has been designed to eliminate the need for a nitrogen purge during the jointing process.

It has been engineered to cope with high operating pressures that are required in air conditioning and refrigeration installations, allowing for up to a maximum 48 bar, with a permanent maximum operating temperature range of -40°C to 121°C.

>B< MaxiPro has the benefit of a 3-point press, with one press on each side of the bead and the third compressing the O-ring, giving installers peace of mind that they have provided a secure and leak-free joint.

Auscool Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services is based in Melbourne and focuses on HVAC installations for commercial, retail and local authority properties in and around Melbourne.

Hume launched the company in 2004 and today has more than 75 full-time staff, in addition to sub-contractors.

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