Amerlux has formed a partnership with Vyv, a health tech company whose signature continuous-use, non-UV antimicrobial light technology will be added into Amerlux's lighting fixtures.

The partnership represents a groundbreaking venture for Amerlux, which in recent months has sought to broaden its product portfolio in response to customer demand for lighting that can help clean environments.

Within 90 days, Amerlux will integrate Vyv's antimicrobial light technology into a variety of existing and new product lines.

The antimicrobial lighting targets microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and mould while also meeting international standards for continual and unrestricted use around people, animals and plants.

Amerlux president & CEO, Chuck Campagna, said the company has joined the front lines in the fight to combat illness with this unprecedented technology.

"Lighting takes on a whole different dimension as we integrate antimicrobial properties into our fixtures to reduce the number of bacteria and other microbes we come into contact with on a daily basis,” Campagna said.

Utilizing a spectrum composed of visible light, this proprietary technology works around the clock to fight off microorganisms by inhibiting their growth and ultimately destroying these microbes.

It is ideal for high-traffic public areas where people congregate, such as airports, hospitals, hotels, gyms and schools. Independent third-party studies, along with research commissioned by Vyv, have shown a reduction of more than 90 per cent in surface contamination across these settings when used on a continual basis.

Commercial operations officer at Vyx, Kristin May, said the partnership will expand the availability of its UV antimicrobial light technology.

Vyv's non-UV antimicrobial light works to excite porphyrin molecules that are exclusively found in microorganisms. This, in turn, creates excessively toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), thereby stopping reproduction and killing these microorganisms.

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