The Aspen Pumps Group has acquired Melbourne-based HVACR component manufacturer and supplier, Sky Refrigeration.

Founded in 2010, Sky Refrigeration was created by Pete and Bernadette Schey, who developed the business to meet demand for innovative HVACR components.

Teamwork and a dynamic work ethic has made Sky Refrigeration’s innovative products some of the most sought after in Australia. 

Aspen Pumps, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of HVAC/R equipment and accessories in the UK, has a track record of investing in successful businesses to take them to the next level. 

Founded in 1992, Aspen Pumps was started by three engineers who developed the first Peristaltic pump, after realising the need for a reliable way to remove condensate water from AC systems. From these humble beginnings, the company now boasts companies across 4 continents, including Aspen Asia Pacific in Lonsdale, Australia. 

Announcing the deal overnight, Schey said it wasn’t really planned.

“The prospect of joining Aspen Pumps Group came out of the blue, but we had always enjoyed bouncing idea off the guys at Aspen and getting new views of the market,” he said.

“After some discussion, we realised that this was an opportunity to grow the business and Aspen was the perfect partner.

“We wanted to work with a company that could offer us and our customers the opportunity for growth with more resources and a wider product range, whilst staying true to our values for excellent customer service and innovative products for our customers.’

Aspen Pumps Group has recently received backing from private equity investor Inflexion, who reinvested after seeing the business go from strength to strength. The company sells to over 100 countries through a network of wholesalers and is always looking for opportunities to grow its product portfolios.

Aspen Pumps Group CEO, Adrian Thompson, said the focus will be on creating opportunities for Australian customers.

“We believe strongly in growing our customers businesses by creating opportunities with innovative and market leading products,” Thompson said.

“Pete and Bernadette have built a strong and reputable business which is known for its quality products and dedication to customers.

“We are excited to work together on the next stage of this journey and open up more opportunities for both our customers in Australia.’

In 2015 the condensate pump manufacturer acquired a majority stake in Australian wholesaler, Pro Pipe Supplies.

Since its establishment in 1999, Pro Pipe has grown from a niche supplier of refrigeration drain pipe to a leading force in the Australian HVAC market. The company had been an Aspen Pumps distributor since 2006.



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