• Aurtra Pty Ltd
    Aurtra Pty Ltd

Schneider Electric has completed the acquisition of Aurtra Pty Ltd, an Australia based company focused on innovative sensors and software to monitor, analyse and provide actionable insights for oil transformers.

This investment strengthens Schneider Electric’s position as the reference digital provider of services across the full electrical distribution value chain, according to Pedro Robredo, VP, digital transformer services at Schneider Electric.

“With this technology, we help customers avoid catastrophic and expensive transformer failures, optimise their operating expenses on individual or transformer fleets, and ultimately extend transformer life,” he said.

Aurtra’s unique HealthSense is now part of the Schneider Electric services offer portfolio. Schneider Electric will extend its sales and support channels to cover the Aurtra customer base.

Aurtra cofounder and CEO, Terry Woodcroft, said the team is excited to join the Schneider Electric family and drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies to realise full efficiency and sustainability opportunities.

Woodcroft is now Schneider’s digital transformer services offer management, support, and marketing lead.

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