Beijer Ref in Australia has announced the formation of SCM REF Australia, a Sydney based OEM to service the Australian refrigeration industry.

Beijer Ref AB is the world’s largest global refrigeration wholesaler. Sustainability is a key strategy and driving the development of environmentally friendly and natural refrigerants technology is a primary focus.

Wayne Ferguson, managing director for Beijer Ref in Australia said this investment  is a significant injection into the Australian refrigeration industry,  allowing the company to strengthen its manufacturing capability, including its natural refrigerants offering to local customers.

An experienced sales team led by Inderpal Saund and supported in the field by Douglas Herkess, Jason Pearce and Andrew Galliano will continue to build on the natural refrigerant system successes already achieved within the local retail sector and apply an increased focus on the broader commercial and industrial refrigeration markets.

“The business remains committed to locally manufactured customised solutions, with SCM REF Australia able to assist customers to meet their unique project requirements,” Ferguson said.

“Continuity of the Kirby and Patton equipment brands will remain, as will the breadth of compressor selections. Our customers will continue to receive best in class, precision equipment, designed and manufactured by our highly skilled engineers and production technicians.”

The SCM REF Australia manufacturing operations will be located at the new Australian Beijer Ref headquarters at Bankstown Airport, Sydney and be headed by director of operations, Paul Campbell. The facility will be operational Q1, 2021.



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