The federal government has committed $19.2 million to implement 13 recommendations handed down by the Clean Energy Regulator yesterday.

The recommendations were part of a wide-ranging review into the rooftop solar photovoltaic sector following complaints about defective installations, misuse of installer accreditation details, and safety and quality concerns.

The review also examined the integrity of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Industry supported the review pointing to unprecedented growth in the rooftop solar PV sector with cowboy operators exploiting the SRES.

Review recommendations support tightening SRES eligibility requirements for installers,  and placing new legal obligations on solar retailers under the SRES.

The government said it supports giving a single regulator responsibility for setting the rules and frameworks for an installer accreditation scheme and the listing of eligible solar components, implementing new and streamlined reporting requirements for installers, solar retailers and manufacturers and giving the agency more effective powers to monitor and enforce compliance, including the ability to suspend installers, disqualify retailers and de-list components.

Plans are also underway to develop consumer information and an online tool to help consumers navigate the rooftop solar PV sector, and make informed purchasing decisions.

The government will consult on the regulatory changes in late 2021 and feedback from stakeholders will inform the final implementation details and timing of the reforms. This process will be run by DISER with the support of the agency.

The Smart Energy Council supports the recommendations.

Council CEO, John Grimes, said its members have been calling for a single regulator to manage the industry for a long time.

“The Smart Energy Council also welcomes proposals for increased sampling and testing of solar PV components and increased accountability for solar retailers,” he said.






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