Bosch Australia has commenced construction of a new $17 million hydraulics and manufacturing automation centre in Clayton, Victoria.

The centre will bring together the company’s manufacturing and engineering expertise into one location, expanding its Oceania headquarters and creating 35 new jobs.

The centre will support the expansion of its factory automation business in Australia.

Just recently Bosch Australia’s Manufacturing Solutions division (BAMS) was awarded $1 million from the Victorian government as part of an industry consortium to build ventilators in Victoria.

The company built state-of-the-art automated assembly lines for one of their customers producing high-volume rapid COVID-19 tests for the United States market, as well as test equipment for ventilators in hospitals across Australia.

The consortium will supply 2,000 units to the federal government, and the Victorian government has announced its intention to purchase another 2,000 units.

Grey Innovation, a leading technology commercialisation company, has secured a licence from a prominent global manufacturer to develop ventilators in Australia.

At the headquarters in Clayton, BAMS will be manufacturing the test equipment required to check the ventilators.

Bosch Australia’s President, Gavin Smith, is proud the local manufacturing team can play a pivotal role in the fight against COVID-19.

“This consortium shows the strength and skill of the Australian manufacturing sector to be versatile and to work together,” Smith said.

“We are proud to contribute to the highly advanced manufacturing capability in Victoria, and particularly with this project, to help in the fight against COVID-19.”

A leader in the design and development of special purpose machinery, BAMS are the preferred supplier to the MedTech, food and beverage, and advanced manufacturing sectors.

The demand for advanced manufacturing technologies is growing rapdidly as producers look to drive down costs, increase efficiencies and boost productivity to remain globally competitive

The Victorian government has provided more than $184 million in support to the manufacturing industry over the past six years, creating more than 8,000 jobs and generating just on $2 billion in private investment

Victorian Minister for Industry Support and Recovery, Martin Pakula, said Victoria is the place for innovators like Bosch Australia to grow and thrive.

“This is due to our skilled workforce, established supply chains, engineering expertise, education excellence, and research and development capability,” Pakula said.

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