• CO2 gas coolers
    CO2 gas coolers

CCC Holdings Europe (CCCHE) has acquired HVACR business, Kobol, which is based in Spain.

Founded in 1968, Kobol is one of the European technology leaders in gas coolers, condensers, dry coolers, evaporators and condensing units with a focus on ventilated units for natural refrigerant systems like CO2 and propane.

Kobol has 50 employees and a factory that is over 13.000 square metres. Kobol is led by Daniel Manas and Oscar Leon, both well-known industry veterans.

Kobol is CCCHE’s second acquisition in a month, after the acquisition of Arctic in November.

CCCHE CEO and chair, Greg Deldicque, said the acquisition aligns with the company’s passion for natural and energy efficient solutions.

“Kobol has been serving its customers with cutting edge technology for over 50 years. The large majority of its sales comes from recurring clients, proof of the high-quality, performance, and customer support for its products,” he said.

“Kobol also consolidates our entry in the Spanish market where the company is going to partner with Arctic to help promote their respective products as well as our Enex and Roen Est products. This acquisition shows how we are executing on our plan to acquire eight to 10 companies over 2020-2023.”

Deldicque said the plan is to triple Kobol’s sales over the next four years.

“We are going to follow a process similar to the one which allowed us to double the sales of Enex in 2021,” he said.

“CCCHE’s clear focus on HVACR middle-market companies and operational capabilities provide strong benefits to its companies, their management teams, and potential sellers.

“CCCHE is already in advanced conversations with several other potential acquisitions.”

Kobol CEO, Daniel Manas, said CCCHE offers the support Kobol needs to grow.

“I feel that we are at the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Kobol, allowing to develop quickly both inside and outside of Spain, leveraging our strong history and customer relationships dating back to Kobol’s creation in 1968,” he said.

“Given the complementarity of product portfolios, I am excited about the prospects this alliance offers our customers, our suppliers, our company, and our employees.”

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