• Setra air purifiers
    Setra air purifiers

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation offers Covid-19 Response instrumentation products that are designed to reduce your chance of contamination.

President of Alpha Controls, David Sand,said the company is focused on keeping patients and the general public safe during this pandemic.

“We are thrilled to partner with first class manufacturers such as Setra Systems,” Sand said.

“The room pressure monitors and environmental monitors we offer from Setra Systems are designed to keep critical spaces such as hospital rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies and cleanrooms safe by reducing the chance of contamination.”

The  Setra AIIR Watch is an advanced air cleaner designed to be quiet, portable, and effective at neutralizing 99.99 per cent of airborne germs while also increasing air circulation.

AIIR Watch has a dual filtration method forcing air through a HEPA filter and by UV light. It is also  available as an air purifier re-circulator or as a negative pressure generating machine for isolation space applications.

In addition to the AIIR Watch, Setra has created the simplest and easiest to use visual room pressure monitor in the market, powered by Setra's legendary capacitive pressure sensor.

The Setra Lite now has even more capability with newly launched optional features including a configurable audible alarm and a Dual Alert option for visual indication both inside and outside a pressurized space.

Best of all, it can tie into your building management system and has a plug-and-play connection with their very own Setra FLEX Environmental Room Monitor.

The SRCM Room Pressure Monitor  is the highest performance BACnet capable product for measuring low differential pressure in critical applications.

Unlike the SRPM, the SRCM can monitor and alarm two rooms through one device, as well as display three additional parameters such as temperature, humidity & CO2.

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