OZKEM Pty Ltd an Australian company specialising in corrosion protection for the HVACR industry has launched a new company specialising in thermal conductive coatings.

The new company THERMAL-XR has formulated a range of products to enhance the thermal conductivity of damaged and old heat exchange coils using TXR-Restore a new graphene-enhanced condenser coil coating.

When applied to condenser coils, the coating increases the surfaces’ ability to remove heat into the air greatly improving COP system efficiency.

The revolutionary graphene coating, which is a collaboration between local universities and the private sector, is distributed by Promek Technologies.

The company’s director, Tony Power, said graphene is the new wonder material with amazing thermal conductivity over 20 times that of aluminium and 200 times stronger than steel.

 “Nothing in air cooled heat exchange will be the same again because older condenser coils can now be made almost new again and HVAC units that were ready for the scrap heap can be revitalised,” Power said.

 “We have several trial sites in Sydney where very old air-cooled plants are immune to breakdown and energy costs have been reduced,” he said.

“One site is a nursing home with severely degraded coils but even on the hottest days there are still no breakdowns; we still have trouble getting our heads around this level of performance.”

The Quantum effect of Graphene when blended into OzKem’s proprietary coating improves COP by up to 20% - 30% at 50 Degrees Celsius plus.

“Our next trials will be on new coils and the R&D shows that we should expect very good results,” Power said.

 “The TXR-Restore graphene coil coating will offer owners and maintenance contractors an opportunity to make significant savings in energy and reduce Capex. We are excited about this development and have other HVAC technologies coming.

“The TXR-Restore graphene coating is truly a disruptive technology something that has been missing in HVAC for a long time.”

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