• Flame free press fittings in action.
    Flame free press fittings in action.

Efficiency is now more important than ever as contractors face backlogs caused by the pandemic shutdowns.

After months of project shutdowns and delays, many HVACR contractors have more work than they can handle. So anything they can do to get the job done faster – while still maintaining high quality standards – is both good for the customer and good for the bottom line.

And that’s exactly what RLS press fittings can do. RLS fittings replace the time-consuming process of manually brazing HVACR joints.

Using a battery-powered press tool and specially-designed jaws, RLS fittings can make a reliable connection in just 10 seconds – significantly reducing installation time, especially on new construction projects where many joints are needed.

While some were skeptical when RLS fittings were first introduced in 2015 (originally under the ZoomLock brand), the technology is now well proven and accepted. In fact, more than 10 million RLS fittings have been installed successfully around the world.

Designed specifically for high-pressure HVACR systems, RLS fittings feature a patented double circular press that results in two 360˚ metal-to-metal connections, creating a permanent mechanical joint every time, with no leak paths.

The fittings begin as annealed (soft) copper, but are work hardened during the pressing process – meaning they form around and bond with the copper tube, resulting in an extremely durable connection.

Eliminating the use of an open flame creates a safer work environment and removes the risk of fire that comes with the traditional brazing process. Brazing too close to insulation, walls and other flammable materials can be dangerous, and the precautions that needs to be taken in those situations can make brazing even more time consuming.

Replacing brazing with RLS press fittings also reduces costs by eliminating the need for brazing equipment and materials, including torches, gas, solder, nitrogen (since nitrogen purging is not needed when pressing) and more.

These cost savings, combined with the substantial time savings, offset the cost of the press fittings and result in lower total installed costs when compared to brazing.

With a wide range of RLS-compatible jaws now available from multiple manufacturers, RLS fittings can be pressed with most press tools on the market, including those up to 32 kN, from popular brands like Milwaukee, RIDGID, Klauke, Rothenberger, Viega, DeWalt and others.

Choosing RLS fittings means faster installation, reliable connections, cost savings, increased safety, and removes the need to drag heavy tanks and other brazing equipment to the jobsite, RLS fittings offer many advantages:

• Connections in 10 seconds

• UL Listed to 700 psi

• No gas or brazing materials

• No flame, no fire hazards

• No nitrogen purging

• Works in tight spaces

• Millions of fittings installed

RLS is a United States-based manufacturer that is part of Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Learn more at rapidlockingsystem.com.au or contact Ian Robertson, director of sales for Australia and New Zealand, at irobertson@rapidlockingsystem.com.


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