• Hansen Yuncken CEO, Peter Salveson.
    Hansen Yuncken CEO, Peter Salveson.

Like so many Australian companies, commercial building firm, Hansen Yuncken, embraced technology to continue to operate during the pandemic.

Hansen Yuncken CEO, Peter Salveson, said a prime example was the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

“This innovations enables teams to not only create projects in a digital environment, but to

meticulously plan each step of the process, enabling them to foresee where clashes between trades may occur and to rectify this through careful coordination of services,” he said.

“Combined with 360 degree videography and drone deployment, this technology allows an entire build to be monitored remotely in real time.

“The benefits of this are multifaceted, and not only improve productivity and quality of the build itself, but allows any safety hazards to be identified early.

“These can be duly corrected without impacting timings, delaying the projects or increasing usage of materials.”

With the federal government’s 2050 Net Zero commitment,Salveson said all industries must adopt a progressive approach to sustainability as standard practice, rather than an ‘add on’.

“With the construction sector contributing over 18 per cent of Australia’s carbon footprint there is serious work to be done,” he said.

“Becoming greener requires an end-to-end view of the construction process. Addressing the complete supply chain is essential, which requires collaboration with suppliers and partners.”

“At Hansen Yuncken, this work has already started with the adoption of materials such as green concrete. Continuing innovation of business practices is also maximising the use of renewable energy and use of recycled water where possible.”


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