Munters has signed a strategic turnkey project deal to design and build a lithium battery laboratory in Scandinavia.

The agreement entails that Munters will design and build a full-scale laboratory for lithium batteries which will be completed in six months.

Lithium battery production requires a highly controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity in order to guarantee high quality in the end-product and safety in production. Munters is a well established provider of lithium batteries to the auto industry.

Climate change is driving the globally growing demand for lithium batteries, according to Munters CEO and president, Klas Forsström.

Sustainability and focus on reduced CO2 emissions are clear megatrends in society today. We foresee that the market’s strong focus on sustainability will continue to drive the increasing demand for lithium batteries,” he said.

Munters has leading solutions for lithium battery suppliers and is a key enabler in the global roll-out of energy-efficient, high-performance battery facilities.”

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