New Zealand based IOT solutions provider, SPLASH, has secured another contract to remotely monitor and control a brewery.

The announcement followed another deal that involved the rollout of its IOT solution to manage a fleet of cool stores.

The deal adds to a long list of customers within the food and beverage industries which utilise the SPLASH IOT system to remotely monitor and control their processes.

This includes breweries and wineries from smaller scale breweries with around four vats up to larger scale wineries with 32 vats of wine.

Feedback from winemakers has been complimentary of the SPLASH easy to use interfaces which are optimised for mobile devices.

It allows users to see what is happening currently and historically covering each and every process as well as each vat to make the required control adjustments remotely or on-site.

In many cases the user interfaces reflect the layout of the plant on-site making it easier for semi or non-technical persons to understand the systems.

This month the SPLASH IOT system has also been used to monitor and control solar and power consumption in multiple schools in New Zealand and Australia.

The SPLASH interfaces are being used for lobby displays and as a teaching tool to educate students on renewable energy systems and energy efficiency.

To date, SPLASH has more than 1,500 systems installed ranging from commercial solar and power monitoring to stand alone packaged building services systems such as chillers, heat pump water heaters and roof top packaged air conditioning units.

This is in addition to industrial / process control systems, swwimming pools, cool stores and server rooms.

The SPLASH IOT system can also share data with other platforms providing BACnet gateways to share information with traditional BMS systems or to share specific data with a clients fleet management dashboards via the SPLASH API. Visit:


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