Refrigeration wholesaler Beijer Ref and compressor manufacturer, BITZER,  have extended their ongoing partnership agreement for another three years.

Beijer Ref and BITZER have been reliable partners for many years and have now strengthened their collaboration once again: recently, representatives of both companies signed a contract extension for three years.

Thanks to this extension, Beijer Ref will continue to sell the BITZER product range in the future and BITZER will actively support the wholesaler.

The contract covers more than 430 Beijer Ref branches in over 35 markets primarily in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa as well as Europe.

BITZER chief sales and marketing officer, Gianni Parlanti, said the company values Beijer Ref’s outstanding sales expertise in these regions.

He said the benefits of their collaboration can be seen around the world, as they have a direct impact on customers, who can take advantage of high availability and an extensive selection of products.

“Since the last contract extension in 2018, we’ve expanded our collaboration beyond Europe,” Parlanti said.

“Our efforts have already begun to bear fruit with respect to products and, more importantly, digitalization and lowering CO2 emissions – always with a focus on the most energy efficient solution.”

At Beijer Ref, experienced refrigeration technicians ensure seamless sale of refrigeration and air conditioning components. The wholesaler not only offers the BITZER product range, but also its expertise, via a whole host of sales channels.

BITZER provides its partner with various forms of support, including training courses for Beijer Ref employees.

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