Smart energy software-as-a-service company Simble Solutions Limited has announced a partnership with Cognian Technologies Limited to promote its energy measurement and verification platform for smart buildings.

The agreement will allow Cognian and Simble to promote the SimbleSense platform for buildings in which the Syncromesh wireless smart building canopy is deployed.

Through the deployment of the Syncromesh wireless smart building canopy, Simble will be able to access new projects in the commercial, retail, and health sectors where clients are looking for turnkey solutions for connected lighting coupled with energy savings opportunities.

Simble and Cognian will also partner on new projects targeting retrofit buildings as well as new developments.

With many businesses focused on driving down energy usage to minimise costs and their carbon footprints, SimbleSense provides insights into how energy is utilised and where Syncromesh can be deployed for more efficient monitoring and optimised control of a building’s lighting system.

Once Syncromesh is deployed, SimbleSense provides the potential for significant savings across lighting and broader energy assets as part of a smart building program.

Syncromesh is a wireless smart building canopy that can turn every building into a smart building with the management of costs, carbon emissions, safety and well-being, as well as tenant health and hygiene, at its core.

The unified data connectivity platform provides building owners, managers, and tenants with the ability to remotely and seamlessly control a range of features including access, comfort, occupant capacity and other smart building capabilities, such as hygiene monitoring, reporting and analysis which is critical as the post-lockdown return to office buildings begins.

Commercial property owner Michael Herrman has implemented the solution at 616 Harris Street, Ultimo in Sydney’s inner-city.

“Syncromesh was initially deployed in our building to cost-effectively equip an old structure with smart lighting technology, without costly wiring rip-outs and re-wiring,” he said.

“We have since added environmental sensors and now, through Cognian’s partnership with Simble, we are enhancing the green credentials of the building through energy monitoring and reporting.”

Cognian CEO, Mark Blum, said by leveragingSyncromesh as a building’s central nervous system, owners, managers and tenants can expand capabilities into areas such as air comfort and quality, emissions, capacity monitoring, cleanliness and hygiene.

“This creates a competitive advantage for owners in a changing market,” he said.