The New South Wales government has launched a new service standard for handling workplace incidents to improve transparency and communication with impacted parties. 

Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, said the new service standard, SafeWork NSW’s Incident response and investigations, details a service commitment to people directly involved in a workplace incident, including the person injured, the next of kin and duty holders.

Anderson said investigations into workplace fatalities, injuries, illnesses and other safety risks are complex and it takes time for SafeWork NSW to determine whether the investigation will lead to a prosecution and legal proceedings.

He said the service standard provides clarity around the progress and status of investigations, so that victims, families and colleagues are not kept in the dark.

“This document also clearly outlines each stage of the investigation and formalises the regular, pro-active communication you can expect to receive from SafeWork,” Anderson said.

The newcustomer service standard was discussed at yesterday’s meeting of the Family and Injured Worker Support Group, a 12-member group established by the NSW Government.

The group gives injured workers and those who have lost loved ones an opportunity to help shape the government’s response to workplace incidents and provide feedback about how it can enhance its support services to affected people.

Anderson said the group will determine whether the document does its job when it comes to improving how SafeWork handles workplace incidents.


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