From the first day HVAC evaporator and condenser coils are professionally installed, they represent engineering marvels. 

They help transfer energy and optimise refrigerant flow, but they do not stay clean forever which can impact performance.

In fact, the second the HVAC system is energized and operating, environmental factors combine to start reducing the efficiency and performance of the evaporator and condenser coils.

Salt from the ocean air, dust, pollen, and other environmental debris begins to coat the coils, affecting their ability to operate as designed.

Eventually, the coils become so dirty that the energy-efficiency rating of the system is reduced, the HVAC units consume more electricity to maintain indoor temperatures, and the system struggles to provide reliable performance.

Fortunately, coils can be easily cleaned and can be restored to an optimal performance level, thanks RectorSeal. 

The company offers a complete line of coil cleaners that make the job easy and can save time.

RectorSeal’s full line of highly effective chemical products clean and protect HVAC condenser and evaporator coils.  Each product is carefully formulated to remove years of dirt and other build-up to restore coils to their original performance, and extend the life of the HVAC system.

Renewz foaming non-acid coil cleaner works in less than five minutes, leaving coils bright and shiny, as it is designed to loosen materials in hard-to-reach places.

A foaming, non-acid, biodegradable cleaner and degreaser, Foam-A-Coil quickly lifts grime and oil from normally inaccessible places. It’s non-flammable and designed for use on HVAC systems and electronic and permanent air filters too.

If you prefer a self-rinsing cleaner and degreaser, use non-acid Coil-Rite.  It can work wonders on evaporator coils and is non-flammable.

Explicitly designed for indoor ductless unit cleaning, Desolv can help to deep clean indoor evaporator coils. The reusable Desolv kit provides wall and floor protection, is biodegradable, has a low odour, and is not corrosive.

HVAC coils need to be cleaned at regular intervals.  Why not make the job easy and fast by using Rectorseal’s proven range of cleaners and degreasers.


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