• The RackBank GigaCampus in India.
    The RackBank GigaCampus in India.

RackBank will use Nortel’s StatePointliquid cooling technology in its data centres across India.

The collaboration’s first deployment of StatePoint technology will be at RackBank’s upcoming GigaCampus platform, a massive first phase, 180 MW project that will foster growing Asian economies and companies with its state-of-the-art, digital IT infrastructure. The unique project will serve as a future-secured platform for data-driven companies to thrive in a 100-per cent clean energy facility with a zero carbon footprint.

StatePoint technology will help RackBank reach its sustainability goals, because it boasts a global-leading partial power usage effectiveness (pPUE) and water usage effectiveness (WUE) as low as 1.05 and 0.09, respectively, depending on local climate conditions.

The refrigerant-free StatePoint’s cutting-edge indirect evaporative methodology and its patented microporous membrane heat exchange process, historically reduces water consumption in data centres  by up to 90-per cent versus traditional chilled water cooling technology.

Consequently, StatePoint technology will help position RackBank as a data centre industry leader in conserving one of India’s most limited natural resources. 

RackBank’s founder and CEO. Narendra Sen, said Nortek recently worked with a prominent social media hyperscaler and its StatePoint yielded better results than any other cooling technology.

“StatePoint technology capabilities will not only help us attain our sustainability goals, but also conserve water, which is a scarce resource in India,” Sen said.

Nortek data centre cooling president, Kevin Facinelli, said the company will be working to achieve aggressive PUE and WUE targets.

 “This partnership helps to expand our Asian data centre market, which is growing the fastest,” he said.”

StatePoint will also be the preferred cooling solutions provider in RankBank’s 500MW PAN India expansion plans in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and other Indian cities.


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