• Motor vehicle air conditioning
    Motor vehicle air conditioning

Refrigerant manufacturer Koura has unveiled a new low GWP refrigerant that can be used as an alternative to R134a in existing automotive air conditioning systems.

Known as Klea456A  the refrigerant has been developed as a lower GWP drop-in alternative to R-134a, suitable for application in the automotive aftermarket sector.

The volume of R-134a that can be legally imported into the European Union continues to decrease year-on-year, as a result of the F-Gas Regulations.

The F-Gas target is to cut emissions by two-thirds from 2014 levels by 2030.

Klea 456A is non-flammable and has a GWP of 626 that’s a 50 per cent reduction in GWP compared to R-134a.

Koura said 456A maintains the same cooling performance as R-134a.

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