Due to its exceptional energy efficiency and outstanding thermodynamic characteristics, ammonia is the ideal refrigerant for industrial refrigeration applications such as ice rinks, warehouses and larger systems in the food industry.

BITZER has decades of experience in the production of components suitable for ammonia – and, with its Ammonia Compressor Packs, also offers higher cooling capacities, each up to 3 MW (–10/35 °C).

Each ACP contains up to three compressors as well as a motor, oil separator and oil circuit. Operating unit, economiser and frequency inverter are optionally available.

In combination with the integrated BITZER IQ technology, an ACP operating unit ensures reliable, efficient ACP operation based on the current operating conditions. They require around half the starting current of a single compressor with the same refrigerating capacity, which results in smaller components and lower installation costs.

Connecting several BITZER screw compressors and their intelligent capacity control in parallel ensures high efficiency especially in part load and offers higher operating reliability than single compressors in the same capacity class.

Application limits can be monitored with the aid of alarm and shut-off thresholds as well as operating parameters to ensure maximum reliability. The moment the alarm threshold is exceeded, the operating unit automatically initiates countermeasures and sends a message to the master control system.

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