• From the Emerson product range
    From the Emerson product range

Emerson remains committed to the continuous innovation of the Copeland portfolio of products and related technologies, driving sustainable solutions that improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Emerson designs and manufactures, a full range of Copeland compressors, as well as condensing units for commercial refrigeration applications.

The company’s variable speed scroll compressors offer best-in-class efficiency, enhanced vapor injection (EVI) that improves capacity in low-ambient conditions.

Specially developed drives are perfectly matched with its variable speed compressors, eliminating the need for original equipment manufacturers to employ various components to complete a HVACR system.

Emerson’s end-to-end infrastructure

Emerson's integrated solutions provide customers with a one-stop-shop approach, eliminating the need to source key parts from different suppliers and reducing system development lead time. Emerson’s research and development team which tests the capability of Copeland compressors develops globally certified motors and drives for different markets.

Behind the efficient variable speed technologies are Emerson Innovation Centres, which operate in Europe, North America, and Asia and serve the biggest OEMs across the world.

They support variable speed compressor solutions for a host of different applications from data centres to packaged air conditioners.

This is in addition to their own solution centres located in China, Dubai, South Korea and India. They include 13 state-of-the-art laboratories, that develop a wide range of industrial solutions.

Emerson’s Suzhou Solutions Centre, in particular, offers comprehensive system testing and qualification support, allowing for fully optimized and efficient system solutions. 

Copeland ZBW/ZFW Variable Speed Solution

Copeland ZBW/ZFW compressors are specifically designed for the cold chain industry by providing wider operating envelopes, optimizing performance for refrigeration applications. Copeland variable speed solutions offer high efficiency by utilizing an effective BPM motor and vapor injection technology, giving customers best life cycle cost options.

Initial testing of 5HP compressors versus direct competitors shows that Copeland variable speed is more efficient in seasonal energy performance ratio, proving its advantage over other brands.

Currently, Emerson produces optimized variable speed refrigeration solutions from 2-8HP. Emerson solutions are qualified with low GWP refrigerants such as R448A and R449A.

The long-term plan will see a transition to more sustainable A2L compatible with a commitment to provide customers with reliable, efficient, cost-effective solutions. 

Successful solution implementation

One customer that has benefitted from our variable speed solutions was a Korean supermarket chain that planned to upgrade its refrigeration system to a more sustainable solution to improve its operational efficiency and bring down its operating costs.

By installing variable speed scroll condensing units, the Korean supermarket chain was not only able to reduce its operating costs, but also minimized system downtime. Condensing units also cater to urban centre locations where installation spaces are limited with a need for distributed systems and low noise levels of compressors.

Non-stop commitment to safety and quality

Emerson has always been committed to giving OEMs, building managers, and other clients best-in-class compressors and other industrial components for their HVACR systems, as well as full customer service support to meet their needs from end to end. Emerson will resume the century old legacy it has built for customers, and the planet.



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