Find out whether to invest in new technologies by using the new calculation tool from Advansor which provides pay-back time and energy savings.

Advansor has developed the calculation tool for organisations investing in a refrigeration rack. The calculation is based on the specific rack, the technology and surrounding climate.

Advansor technical director, Kenneth Bank Madsen, said it is great to have technology with plenty of functions and features, but they don’t always provide higher efficiency or reduce energy consumption.

“If that is the case we do not recommend it to our customers – we want to make sure they get value for money,” he said.

For beginners Advansor recommends at least investing in permanent magnet motors.

“This is usually always a highly efficient solution that reduces the pay-back time for refrigeration racks above 30 kW,” he said.

“Depending on the compressors and the rack, it might also be worth adding new cylinder unloading technology to a rack specification.

“By using the new cylinder unloading technology a better capacity regulation with less compressors are achieved and thereby the energy efficiency is improved.”

This technology can be applied to all racks from 30 kW and up using Bitzer compressors and is used by European retail chain COOP.

Another new option to add is the Ultra-Low Superheat Module, which can replace the complex pump systems.

It allows a very low returning temperature from the evaporators and collects any returning liquid.

It is suited to warm climates and is even more efficient when combined with a gas ejector.

The ULS Module can be attached to just about any Advansor rack from around 100 kW and up and is being used by medium sized supermarkets and big warehouses.

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