Carel has added 40,000 square feet of space to its plant in Pennsylvania as part of a significant expansion across North America.

The company has doubled production at its plant in the United States to support an increased presence in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The plant in Manheim, Pennsylvania was founded in 2001 and supports the Mexico city office and five sales offices in Atlanta, Lancaster, Mulwaukee, Los Angeles and Monterrey employing a total of 55 staff.

Carel said customers will benefit from the expansion as it will upgrade service levels and improve procurement lead times.

The company has increased employee numbers at Manheim to 70 with most plant staff involved in operations, logistics, R&D, marketing, supply chain and customer care.

In addition to providing remote installation and monitoring services, Carel said there will be a strong commitment to training.

Carel USA also organises software application development training courses in the air-conditioning and refrigeration markets.

At the official opening of the new plant, Carel North America CEO, Martino Manfrin, said the investment is in line with the pillars of Carel's industrial development plan.

“The proximity of this factory to the market will deliver a range of benefits in terms of service, optimisation of the supply chain and business continuity through technological mirroring and process replication between different plants,” he said.

With the extra space available at the new plant, the company will be able to expand the range of 'Made in USA’ products.

“For example the entire range of programmable controllers, one of the flagships of our offering, will be fully manufactured here in the United States,” Manfrin said.

“The expansion of the Manheim site represents an important step in our international development plans and supports our business growth in North America."

The company's chief operations officer, Pietro Rossato, said North America now accounts for 13% of the group's global revenues.

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