Advansor has launched a new series of online technical training modules and webinars covering trends, challenges, and solutions with CO2.

As a natural refrigerant CO2 is becoming increasingly popular. It’s non-toxic, it doesn’t affect the ozone layer and it does not contribute to global warming

However, depending on the application, installation site and even climate there might be different challenges and optimal solutions.

Advansor CEO, Kristian Breitenbauch, said the company only produce cooling racks and heat pumps based on the natural refrigerant CO2.

“I guess we are considered one of the experts within this area and we want to share our knowledge, so we are doing free webinars and technical training,” Breitenbauch said.

“Cooling and heating are vital for a modern society, but sustainable cooling and heating play a major role in the fight against climate changes and are essential if we want to achieve the UN sustainability goals.”

All webinars are based on customer cases showing how companies like Carrefour, ALDI and REMA1000 have solved their cooling and heating challenges.

There are four different webinars which focus on different applications - food retail, distribution centres, warm climate and one focusing on sustainability.

The webinars are available in nine different languages from early October, participation is free of charge and everybody can sign-up at

For people with more technical skills, it is possible to participate in online technical training. There are eight modules including topics from start-up and commissioning to heat exchangers and documentation. All training is free of charge and with live trainers.



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