BOCKlub compressor oil for mobile and stationary Bock compressors will officially go on sale today.

The BOCKlub oils are suitable for all BOCK compressors with natural and synthetic refrigerants and are matched and validated to the BOCK compressors and their complete application limits.

It is the concern of Bock GmbH to permanently guarantee the economic efficiency and performance of the compressors regarding constantly increasing performance requirements and the use of new refrigerants. To achieve this, precisely fitting oils that are regularly tested and validated for new requirements and applications are an important component.

With the new BOCKlub compressor oil series, the BOCK company can guarantee a high level of wear protection and an increase in the efficiency and service life of the compressors in the future. The BOCKlub compressor oils support the conservation of resources and minimise the energy consumption of the refrigeration systems.

It has excellent viscosity and temperature behaviour, high chemical and thermal stability and an easy upgrade from previously used oils speak for a simple and sensible change.

The BOCKlub compressor oils, which have been quality-tested in long-term tests, are available now.


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