• Carrier has partnered with analytics firm PAXAFE.
    Carrier has partnered with analytics firm PAXAFE.

Carrier has enhanced its Lynx platform by partnering with PAXAFE, a provider of advanced risk and prediction analytics.

This collaboration combines PAXAFE’s artificial intelligence (AI) expertise in risk and prediction modelling with Carrier’s leadership in cold chain monitoring and intelligence to deliver a more connected and sustainable cold chain.

Carrier’s vice president and general manager of truck trailer & digital solutions, Alice DeBiasio, said that through this collaboration the company is adding capabilities to its powerful Lynx platform to provide customers with greater visibility and intelligence, and to enable proactive decision-making across their cold chain operations.

“The collaboration will offer supply chain leaders and logistics managers risk management insights to unlock greater control and resiliency within their distribution networks that will enable them to better predict, prevent and resolve risks before they occur,” DeBiasio said.

The Lynx platform provides customers around the world with end-to-end tracking and predictive analytics to automate processes and help mitigate disruptions across their cold chain operations – delivering temperature-sensitive cargo, including food, medicine and vaccines more efficiently.

As a result of this collaboration, customers will be able to make faster decisions to improve the overall effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of their supply chains, enhance connectivity, decrease delivery delays of critical cargo, and reduce cargo damage, loss and unanticipated costs.

“Digitization within the supply chain is accelerating rapidly, and we believe this relationship contains synergies that will benefit the industry at large,” according to Ilya Preston, CEO of PAXAFE. “We are optimistic that our continued collaboration will further enable companies to focus on delivering products on-time, in full to the end customer.”