The name GEA is synonymous with quality refrigeration technology. Since the end of the
19th century it has been the business of GEA to cool processes and products and control temperatures.

GEA solutions can be found in the food and beverage sector; on the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries; on fishing ships; in natural gas liquidefication and in infrastructure facilities to name a few.

As part of the ongoing product development and refinement program, GEA takes great pleasure in announcing the introduction of the “I” (International) series of Plusbox SSV Outdoor condensing units.

The“I” series incorporates the highly respected GEA Bock semi hermetic “E” series compressor being available for low and medium temperature applications and as per the standard GEA Plusbox SSV range of outdoor condensing units, the “I” series is fitted with generous air cooled condensers designed for the extremely harsh Australian ambient conditions.

The Plusbox SSV enclosure features powder coated sheetmetal with a substantial galvanised steel undercarriage fitted with removable ventilated panels to aid serviceability and provide access to the generous compressor compartment and stainless steel refrigeration performance gauges viewable from outside the Plusbox.

The GEA Bock HG (Hermetic gas cooled) range of semi hermetic compressor offer traditional refrigerant gas cooled compressor state of the art technology.

These compressors are of the highest quality standard, Asercom rated and excel in their running comfort, ease of maintenance, efficiency and reliability.

The updated range of gas cooled GEA Bock compressors series HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG66e and HG88e are all available in the Plusbox SSV incorporating:

New design housing for maximum gas flow.
Optimized valve plate.
High efficiency motors of newest generation.
Exchangeable motor.
Proven and reliable oil pump lubrication.
Standard footprints.
Standard connections.

The introduction of the range of the International Plusbox SSV will compliment the Australian assembled range of condensing units which for many years has been and remain available as a custom built be-spoke refrigeration solution catering for personalized needs.

The Plusbox SSV along with the range of GEA Bock condensing units and compressors are available from GEA Australia and GEA approved re-sellers.



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