New Zealand based SPLASH Monitoring has been providing IOT, remote monitoring and control solutions to the building services industry since 2007.

SPLASH Applied is a “Fleet Asset management system” designed by Chartered Building Services Engineers to enable improved service and reduced costs through the supply chain.

It is aimed at remotely managing packaged HVAC and standalone building services systems as well as applications such as cool stores, swimming pools and power monitoring.

SPLASH is also being used for more industrial applications such as pharmaceutical cool storage, brewing and wine making.

It offers a cost effective alternative to conventional BMS systems which are often viewed as being cost prohibitive for “big box” stores and other smaller commercial buildings, many of which rely upon packaged HVAC systems.

The solution provides asset fleet management of systems throughout their lifecycle, ensuring systems are commissioned, maintained and operate as intended.

SPLASH Applied provides remote visualisation, access and control for various audiences including techncial, management and end users, features include:

technical and operator level information providing an overview and status of systems

current and historical information

ability to remotely change set points and update firmware / software

alerts can be generated for faults or if a system under-performs

commissioning, maintenance and work sheets are completed and stored within SPLASH Applied and provide a historical record of all works completed. These can be viewed, distributed or exported in to other management systems at a later date

technical product information including exploded parts and technical manuals

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