• LiquidStack CEO Joe Capes.
    LiquidStack CEO Joe Capes.

LiquidStack has released a new range of universal coolant distribution units (CDUs), which can be configured to support most commercially available direct-to-chip (DTC) solutions.

Suitable for AI, HPC and advanced cloud computing applications, LiquidStack’s universal CDU range delivers 800kW to 1.5MW of heat rejection and is designed specifically for DTC.

Direct-to-chip is currently the largest segment of the liquid cooling market. Demand is increasing for DTC-optimized, standardized CDUs to meet the requirements of data centres.

LiquidStack is addressing this market need by offering a range of universally configurable CDUs that are fine-tuned to be as powerful, efficient, and intelligent as possible for DTC use, enabling customers to rapidly and seamlessly deploy liquid cooling. This speeds up DTC deployment and reduces costs.

LiquidStack CEO Joe Capes, said many data centres will be taking a hybrid air and liquid cooling approach for the foreseeable future.

“As a full service liquid cooling company, we are incorporating universal coolant distribution units (CDUs) for direct-to-chip technology into our portfolio of products and services, thus addressing all forms of liquid cooling,” he said.

LiquidStack’s CDUs are ideal for hyperscalers and colocation companies seeking to deploy large scale DTC solutions as they transition into hybrid cooling operations.