Danfoss Cooling is taking refrigeration education to new digital frontiers with the launch of a brand-new podcast — Chilling with Jens.

The podcast was designed to introduce installers and service technicians around the world to the principles, processes, and systems of evaporative refrigeration.

In this series, host Jens Andersen shares his refrigeration knowledge and insights, gained from over 40 years working in the cooling industry, in a relaxed and accessible way.

With each chapter, listeners will be exposed to increasingly advanced topics, building on what they've already learned.
The first chapter of the series, called "The Evaporation Process," is about getting familiar with the basics on refrigeration.

The goal of Chilling with Jens is to provide high-quality content in a way that fits the audience's lifestyle.

It's perfect to listen to during a daily commute, morning jog, or even at work.

"We hope that cooling industry hopefuls and veterans alike will enjoy having an entertaining new learning resource at their fingertips," Anderson said.

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