• The Engie Quantum water chiller plus Thermeco CO2 heat pump.
Image courtesy Engie Refrigeration GmbH.
    The Engie Quantum water chiller plus Thermeco CO2 heat pump. Image courtesy Engie Refrigeration GmbH.

Double success for Germany's Engie Refrigeration with a major order for five Thermeco2 high temperature heat pumps for one of the leading food manufacturers in Croatia.

At the same time, the company has made its first order for a Quantum water chiller from the redesigned series. It will soon be providing for a large Swiss office and residential complex.

Energy efficiency and sustainability were key factors for both the Thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps, which use the natural refrigerant CO2, as well as the Quantum water chillers. The latter became available worldwide in June 2021 and are one of the most efficient water-cooled models on the market.

Both series meet high ecological and economic requirements for heating and refrigeration supplies. This has allowed Engie Refrigeration to win the new customers from Croatia and Switzerland.

In future, one of the largest food producers in Croatia will deploy a total of five Thermeco2 high temperature heat pumps with a total heating capacity of five megawatts at three sites in the Osijek region. There each heat pump will bring a 10,000 square metre greenhouse to the right temperature; the total refrigerated area of 50,000 square metres is roughly the size of ten European football fields.

Previously the greenhouses were heated by a gas-fired burner. The Thermeco2 solution will generate hot water from ambient heat, with the majority of the required electricity coming from a photovoltaic system. 

Just four weeks after it was introduced, the first Quantum water chiller was sold for climate control applications in building services. Powerful, efficient, cost-saving and climate-friendly, it will in future provide cosy temperatures for around 140 residential units with a total floor space of around 150,000 square metres in a large office and residential complex in Switzerland; an expansion is already being planned. 

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