The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included refrigerant R515B in its acceptable substances list under the Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP).

Marketed by Honeywell as Solstice N15, and promoted as an alternative to R134a, R515B has been approved for use in centrifugal and positive displacement chillers and industrial process air conditioning (new equipment). 

R515B is a non-flammable A1 alternative with a GWP of 293. A blend of R1234ze (91.1%) and R227ea (8.9%), it is said to have zero glide and low discharge temperatures with an efficiency to match R134a.

Earlier this month a Canadian-based manufacturer of air conditioning systema, Philip Doyle Manufacturing, announced it will use Honeywell’s Solstice N15 (R515B) refrigerant. 

Established in 1966, Philip Doyle is a manufacturer of operator cabins, control room enclosures and industrial air conditioners.

Philip Doyle is said to have selected the refrigerant to meet global HFC phase down regulations and stringent customer requirements for applications including enclosed crane cabins.

“Our customers were seeking a refrigerant solution that is safe, suitable for temperatures that can climb up to 90ºC in crane cabins and minimises impact on the environment,” according to Philip Doyle Manufacturing project manager, Basil Mendonca. 

Honeywell said Solstice N15 can be used by chiller and heat pump manufacturers in applications where safety standards and buildings codes limit the use of A2L and A3 refrigerants.

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