• Gree chillers
    Gree chillers

With Gree’s A Series modular air cooled inverter chillers users can combine different units to achieve their required heating or cooling load.

Models range between 65kW and 249kW. Combine up to eight of the 130kW models, 160kW and 249kW or 16 of the 65kW and 80kW models to achieve a massive 1,990kW of cooling capacity.

The Gree chillers were recently installed at Margan Winery in the Hunter Valley, by local contractor J&H Commercial Services.

To meet the site’s wine processing and chilling processes, 4 x LSQ065 Gree inverter Chillers were specified and set up to run in a modular configuration, giving around 160kW at process conditions.

The system included the Gree advanced modular controller which looks at the four chillers as one chiller for closer capacity control and energy efficiencies. All four chillers operate at 52 amps per unit at full load.

The Gree controller can control up to 16 units and with Gree’s Free Master connection there is timely communication with all units and a fault on one will not affect the operation of the other units. Being inverter chillers provides added flexibility during peak and off-peak production. 

Gree Chillers include technician friendly technology for straight forward installation and commissioning. The range is suitable for new builds or retrofit to existing buildings and applications where redundancy is required, such as restaurants, office buildings, theatres, gyms, shopping centres and apartments.

Kirby has a team of dedicated engineers on hand to assist with any selection enquiries.

Contact Kirby HVACR on 13 23 50.



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