Daikin air cooled chillers have been the choice for system designers who are focused on simplicity and low cost.

From small retailers to large commercial, Daikin chillers provide highly efficient comfort solutions for various HVAC applications.

A recent addition is the new air cooled chiller range (EWAT-B) with R32 refrigerant and free cooling migration, it enables building systems to switch from mechanical cooling and to take advantage of prevailing outdoor temperatures to meet cooling demands for air or water naturally, significantly reducing power consumption.

Leveraging from its HVAC & refrigerant businesses, Daikin Industries was the world’s first company to introduce R32 in split system air conditioners and is expanding its use to the light commercial space, with its SkyAir series and also to large scale commercial applications with air cooled chillers.

R32 refrigerant has 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential’ factor providing less risk of harm to the environment compared to commonly used refrigerant R-410.

It is the only refrigerant that allows migration to free cooling without the need for other add-on devices. Addition of glycol is not required, unlike standard water free cooling technologies, where its use is mandatory.

The new refrigerant migration system is available in two options, Light and Full options.

The Light refrigerant migration system delivers up to 25% of nominal cooling capacity.

The Full option includes all the benefits of the Light version with an additional flood evaporator per circuit that works in parallel to the standard heat exchanger, improving the system’s performance.

The cooling capacity of the Full system extends up to 75% of the standard unit’s nominal cooling capacity, making it an economical solution for cooling in larger buildings.

Additional features include two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold), three sound configurations (Standard, Low, Reduced) and provides full customization on project-specific requirements.

An extensive list of options and accessories includes hydronic kit configurations (single and twin pump, inertial tank, VFD) and many other solutions.

It is fully compatible with ‘Daikin On Site’, cloud-based platform that offers advanced functionalities like remote monitoring, system optimization and preventative maintenance.

The new range (EWAT-B) is available for cooling only and heat recovery applications from 80kW to 700kW cooling capacity at nominal conditions.

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