STULZ has announced the worldwide availability of its CyberCool free cooling booster, an innovative free cooling module that enables data centres, as well as industrial applications benefit from environmentally friendly cooling.

The latest addition to the CyberCool range means that water-cooled chillers can now be supplemented with modern free cooling functionality without any major planning or installation effort  Free cooling is firmly established as one of the most highly effective ways to reduce the energy consumed by chillers, or the time they run for, by using the outside temperature of air or water.

The CyberCool free cooling booster offers a flexible high performance cooling solution that enables the significant savings potential of free cooling to be fully exploited in both new and existing systems.

This not only maximises operational reliability and enhances equipment lifespan, but also reduces CO2 emissions.

Water-cooled chillers that previously did not meet the technical requirements for using free cooling can now be retrofitted with the CyberCool booster, which is fully integrated into the hydraulic system.

The plug and play facility with a high level of prefabrication, means it can be used with most conventional chilled water systems without additional high costs.

In order to provide the most flexible and controllable solution possible it offers factory tested hydraulics, coordinated cooling components and intelligent control, as well as high quality part-load capable components with redundancy, and a mode of operation with or without glycol are options.

Available in five sized with cooling capacities between 270kW, the booster ensures optimum control and flawless communication.

The integrated control cabinet solution uses patented free cooling control software based on SEC blue controllers from STULZ which feature an integrated Ethernet interface and a micro-SD port for firmware upgrades and data management.

The intelligent controllers monitors both the outside and the operating temperatures, and regulates the cooling capacity according to current demand.

The CyberCool free cooling booster supports three operating modes. They are free cooling, mixed mode and mechanical cooling. Depending on the outside temperature, the systems automatically selects the most appropriate mode to ensure efficient operation.

As a result it ensures the most effective free cooling capability and condensation temperature control, even with higher outside temperatures.


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