• Pic: Fujitsu General
    Pic: Fujitsu General

From late 2022, Fujitsu General Limited will undergo a global identity update by co-branding all residential and commercial air conditioning products with AIRSTAGE and Fujitsu.

The decision to co-brand all air conditioning products provides the global business with one unified product brand, a stronger corporate brand image, and efficiencies for marketing and advertising across all regions.

The refreshed AIRSTAGE logo and visual identity will be launched at the 2022 Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) exhibition in Melbourne, Australia on 16 August.

AIRSTAGE is an existing brand within the Fujitsu General VRF commercial portfolio and the new Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE applied range.

Launched in Australia in 2002, Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE systems provide commercial projects with complete air conditioning solutions that deliver design and installation flexibility, optimal comfort, high energy efficiency and consistent reliability.

AIRSTAGE and its new logo introduces a unified global product brand, representing lightness, freedom, and airiness; everything Fujitsu air conditioning products provides its customers. The modern logo and colour palette represent value, safety and trust, qualities already synonymous with Fujitsu General air conditioning products.

The brand identity of AIRSTAGE is an ‘experience beyond expectations’.

Fujitsu General will continue to challenge the possibilities of technology, pursue energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience, and provide products that will surprise customers, with an experience that goes beyond expectations.

Fujitsu General ANZ managing director, Philip Perham, said the co-branding will provide an equal share of voice between the AIRSTAGE and FUJITSU brands and will raise the profile of the AIRSTAGE brand in the Australian market across the entire range of Fujitsu residential and commercial air conditioning products.

“Co-branding has no impact on business operations, and Fujitsu General Australia will continue to consistently provide high quality, energy efficient, reliable products accompanied by superior customer service,” he said.

“We are still Fujitsu General Australia operating under Fujitsu, Australia’s Favourite Air,  a tagline that consumers over the years have come to know and trust.

“Moving forward, the AIRSTAGE logo will feature on all packaging and product along with the Fujitsu logo. More specifically, both logos will feature on the indoor units, controllers and outdoor units.”

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