• Fujitsu General mid static Slimline R32
    Fujitsu General mid static Slimline R32

Fujitsu General has launched new Mid Static Slimline R32 and Mid Static Slimline R32 high performance (HP) models specifically designed with a narrow 240mm high chassis and built-in drain pump, to comfortably fit in tighter bulkhead or ceiling applications.

ANZ head of product at Fujitsu General,  Kyle Rafter, said contemporary home designs are presenting air conditioning installers with the ongoing challenge of space limitation within the ceiling or bulkhead for creating a drain slope.

He said Fujitsu General achieved this new compact chassis by redesigning the fins whilst maintaining performance.

“The new Mid Static Slimline R32 models demonstrate Fujitsu General’s commitment to expanding its R32 product offering, while also providing mechanical contractors with products that solve installation issues they are regularly coming across.”

To enable flexible installation on roof tops and plant rooms in high-rise residential and light commercial projects, the new Mid Static Slimline R32 (HP) models have a maximum pipe length of 75m.

The standard Mid Static Slimline R32 models offer a maximum pipe length of 30m to 50m.

Cleaning and maintenance is more efficient with an easy to access heat exchanger, and detachable drain pump with the entire hose still attached. The printed circuit board (PCB) is also simple to remove and replace.

A new auto static pressure setting adjustment on the remote control makes installation and set-up faster. Alternatively, the static pressure can be effortlessly changed via the remote controller.

Additionally, Fujitsu General has improved the maximum guaranteed operating temperature range, with an increase from up to 46 degrees to 50 degrees in cooling mode on the new Mid Static Slimline R32 models.

They are Demand Response enabled and Zone System compatible.

The new units can be operated using 2-wire and 3-wire remote controllers as well as Fujitsu General’s anywAiR technology ducted controller, which provides Wi-Fi control via the anywAiR app with selected smartphone and tablet devices.

Visit: www.fujitsugeneral.com.au or contact Fujitsu General on 1300 882 201.

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