The Guntner Group will be exhibiting a wide range of products at the China Refrigeration trade fair at the new Shanghai International Expo Centre from April 12 – 14, 2017.

Among the exhibited air coolers of cubic design, Güntner will showcase specialised products for different applications, for example, the Agri cooler for fruit and vegetables.

Also on display will be the evaporative condenser ECOSS which was developed for cooling applications in industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, energy and process cooling.

The exhibition will feature thermolinePlus plate exchangers which are characterized by their outstanding efficiency in high-pressure applications with natural refrigerants such as CO2 and NH3.

With refrigerating and dry cooling systems becoming more complex, several units with different technologies for heat dissipation are combined: Dry coolers, adiabatic units, hybrid dry coolers or evaporative condensers, each of them equipped with an individual control specifically adjusted to the respective unit.

Previously, each of these controllers had to be integrated individually into the superordinate building management system (BMS).  But Güntner has made it easy for customers with its new Masterpanel.

Not only does the new Güntner Masterpanel provide a central interface to the superordinate system consolidating all the subordinate controllers; Güntner has implemented additional communication protocols.

Besides the standard of classic fieldbus technology such as Modbus RTU and Profibus DB, Güntner now also offers industrial Ethernet protocols like BaCnet/IP and Modbus/TCP to name but a few.


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