Fresh-Aire UV, a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality (IAQ) products, has announced the release of the Purity Low Profile LED (PLP-LED) the HVAC industry’s first one-inch-thick (24-mm) replaceable filter that combines biological contaminant disinfection, VOC removal and particulate capture.

The PLP-LED offers high-efficiency filtration with minimal static pressure loss and is designed to fit the most common one-inch filtration rack sizes in residential and commercial air handlers.

The PLP-LED is a three-stage filter using mini LED light arrays, advanced photocatalytic-coated reactive chemical adsorption media, and polarization technology to disinfect biological contaminants, remove VOCs and collect particulates, respectively.

All three filter layers are held together inside a corrosion-resistant, latched aluminum framework/mesh grill clamshell. The top and bottom blue layers are a particulate-capturing, UV reactive fiberglass media treated with Nanotech antimicrobial and photocatalytic coatings. They’re sandwiched between a black carbon core for improved VOC removal.

The frame’s grill, which includes two UV LED disinfecting arrays, opens easily for quick media replacement every four to six months.

The PLP-LED also employs low-voltage negative and positive polarization to charge, attract, impinge and agglomerate particulates into the fiberglass media. It will be available this quarter.


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