Temperature control between areas is a challenge for many commercial and industrial applications, especially when there is a lot of personnel movement through the doorway.

DMF can provide the solution, with their custom made high impact insulated Traffic door.

The DMF Traffic Door is a “push through”, two way swing type door, constructed with 40mm thick insulated panels, comprising a compressed foam providing both thermal and sound insulation.

The surface finish is a heavy duty ABS, complete with option of double glazed polycarbonate windows.

For greater impact resistance, a variety of bumper types are available to ensure a highly durable product for busy openings.

Up to 2.4m width doorways can be accommodated with pairs, and height up to 3m.

The doors swing 180 degrees, with automatic closing by a concealed spring action, which has variable torque control.

They are quiet in operation, and are designed for supermarkets, trading areas, hospitals, commercial kitchens, coolrooms and processing areas.

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