Hermetic reciprocating compressors running on hydrocarbon refrigerants account for around 80 per cent of domestic sales in China.

A new report by UK consultancy BSRIA found the total sales volume of Chinese hermetic reciprocating compressors reached about 200 million units in 2020, rising by 14.5 per cent. The domestic market was 130 million units with a growth of 15.6 per cent while the export market increased by about 12.4 per cent to 71 million units. 

In the domestic market, three major refrigerants dominate -R600a, R134a and R290.

While R134a has been decreasing gradually, and is now mostly used for export, R290 is booming due to its energy efficiency properties.

As for commercial hermetic reciprocating compressors, three major refrigerants dominate: R134a, R290 and R404a, with each of them representing a similar proportion of the market.

It is reported that the proportion of R290 has increased significantly.

This is because compressors with R290 are of high performance, but the cost is low. To make the production standardized, compressor manufacturers have accelerated the speed of shifting to R290.

According to BSRIA’s report, the sales volume of R290 compressors sold in the domestic market reached about 10 million units in 2020, rising by about 30 per cent.

It is expected that the domestic market of hermetic reciprocating compressors will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2021, mainly because the export orders of domestic refrigerators and freezers have increased.

Chinese manufacturers have full order books for domestic refrigerators, freezers and compressors. At the same time, many Chinese local governments have launched relevant policies to encourage the development of a “street vending economy”, which will also benefit the hermetic reciprocating compressor market in China.

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