• Official opening of i3 Lab in Shanghai, China.
    Official opening of i3 Lab in Shanghai, China.

Carrier officially opened its fourth Carrier i3 Lab at its Research and Development (R&D) Centre in Shanghai this week.

The company’s innovation incubator empowers employees worldwide to imagine, innovate and ignite the development of solutions that matter to people and the planet.

Local officials and other distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon to celebrate the official opening of the new Carrier i3 Lab (pictured).

Carrier i3 Labs aim to harness the innovative ideas of all employees, address customer opportunities and rapidly develop and validate technologies and business models through a 100-day incubation process.

The ideas focus on incorporating advanced digital technologies to create differentiated solutions and high-value business plans, according to Hakan Yilmaz, senior vice president and CTO, Carrier.

"i3 Labs are an important way for the company to quickly develop innovative solutions that strengthen Carrier’s position as a global leader of intelligent climate and energy solutions and meet our customer needs," Yilmaz said.

“We have already seen great ideas come from our internal incubator process since it was launched last year, and I look forward to seeing the team drive rapid innovation from our new Carrier i3 Lab in Shanghai."

Since November 2022, Carrier has established three i3 Labs globally, including in Poland, the United States and India. The China i3 Lab is a crucial part of this initiative, enabling Carrier to focus on the Chinese market and customers and create more digitally enabled lifecycle solutions. Carrier plans to continue expanding its i3 Lab network globally.

The president of Carrier HVAC North Asia, Titus Yu, said the choice of Shanghai as the location for the fourth Carrier i3 Lab reflects the company’s confidence in the dynamic and competitive economic environment in China.

“Through the Shanghai i3 innovation incubator, we will provide lifecycle solutions for customers in different segments, create more HVAC integrated building solutions, contribute to the sustainable development of the industry, help to meet China's carbon reduction goals and safeguard the environment of the planet,” he said.