Imagine improving chiller performance using quantum science.

Sydney-based Promek Technologies and their partners have developed a Graphene Nanofluid that does just that.

Promek Technologies director, Tony Power, said very few people are aware of the developments in heat transfer fluids as they relate to HVAC.

“There have been a few basic heat transfer technologies already showing good results in Europe and the United States that improve the performance of chillers and closed loop heating circuits,” he said.

Power said Promek has partnered with graphene manufacturers and local universities to develop Graphene Nanofluid.

Power said that the concept of a Nanofluid which is extremely conductive simply increases the thermal conductivity of water.

“This means that it takes much less time to reduce the temperature of chilled water in large systems. Less energy used by the chiller to do the same work,” he said.

“Water is an excellent working fluid and is easy to transport and cheap, that’s what we have always used.

“However thermal conductivity of water is extremely poor at only 0.55 (w/mK).”

Graphene which is used in Promek GTP Nanofluid is over 5,000 W/(mK).

“Chiller manufacturers have worked hard developing heat exchangers to cope with the poor thermal performance of water and are now pretty much at their limits,” Power said.

Promek GTP Nanofluid, which is soon to be released, has shown during repeatable trials chiller energy reduction of 8.8%.

“Now that is outstanding,” Power said.

“We expect our final product to exceed 11% and the numbers will be much higher for heating circuits and glycol.

“This will change the way facilities managers and building owners can access energy savings.”

Promek GTP Nanofluid will have a larger reach than just HVAC as any closed loop water system will benefit from this technology.

The Graphene platelets are manufactured locally using smart world leading technology patented and fully Australian-owned.

“The science and the chemistry are solid, we are now just trialling different carbon for maximum thermal benefit,” he said.

“This has been a three year project with lots of R&D and trials, we are proud to be part of this leading Australian Nanoscience.”

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