Carel has released iJM, a dedicated product line for refrigerated merchandisers, backed by a strategic partnership with the Vision IoT platform for connecting field assets.

iJM includes cutting-edge options for energy efficiency, such as direct control of variable speed compressors, and a completely new flat and frameless display, with various cosmetic customisation options available according to the customer’s brand.

Thanks to its connectivity options (NFC, Bluetooth and Beacon), iJM is ready to connect to the Vision IoT cloud platform, so as to offer customers analytics to improve retail management.

CAREL and Vision IoT have defined an end-to-end seamless offering that will help beverage customers reduce asset loss, improve utilisation and increase sales.

The new feature will allow bottlers to equip their merchandisers with the latest generation electronic controllers for energy-efficient management of their units, as well as to monitor them remotely, analyse their profitability and optimise operations through corrective actions in the field.


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