Producing refrigeration reliably on sea vessels isn't easy but its a challenge Engie Refrigeration has overcome with its Marenum chiller.

Until now, Marenum has been in use only on navy frigates but a civilian version has been released and is being adopted by cruise liners at Saga Cruise.

The two ocean liners that will be equipped with the chillers, are currently under construction and are scheduled to run the Baltic Sea from 2019.

Each of the 236-metre vessels will see four Marenum chillers installed. This produces a total cooling power per ship of twelve megawatts (MW).

Engie Refrigeration managing director, Jochen Hornung, said marine operation requires refrigeration to function under tough conditions at sea, chillers need to operate in extremes, weathering exposure to both seawater and heavy swell.

“Besides their reliability and energy efficiency, Marenum chillers stand out through their compact design, their low noise and vibration emissions, seawater resistant condenser and low maintenance requirements,” he said.

The system technology is reduced to the main components necessary for refrigeration – compressor, condenser, metering
section and evaporator, including the corresponding measurement and control technology.

“This saves space for the customer, a major concern considering that space is often at a premium in a ship’s engine room. Redundant design with up to 12 condensers per chiller increases reliability,” Hornung said.

Another major benefit offered by the chillers is free cooling.

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